Forest Path Connecting School to Gathering Ground

This fall Washington Island students had a field day roaming the woods between Gathering Ground and Island School. Since then, they have been working in groups to design a path that connects the school to “The Grounds.” And we couldn’t be more excited! 

The physical connection of the two properties will create easy access for the School to engage Gathering Ground’s woodland and orchards, opening the door for lots of educational opportunities. Gathering Ground is very hopeful that the Grounds will be a welcoming backyard for the school where students can learn and play while breathing some fresh air. The path may also extend to the TPAC to bring even more connection to our neighbors! 

Gathering Ground’s hope is that the path be open to Island residents and visitors as well as students. Over time, our plan is to create paths that wind through our gardens, curve and tuck behind a grove of trees, lead to a secret bench for contemplation and a landscaped gazebo, and wind back past fruiting shrubs. In other words, not just a farm, Gathering Ground hopes to develop its Grounds into a park for picnics, play, and picking of fruit. We have received funding from the Door County Community Foundation and the Raibrook Foundation for the purchase benches and picnic tables, make signage and mark trails. 

Keep following us to learn more! 

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