2020 Virtual Fundraiser

Thank you for visiting our first virtual fundraiser! Since we couldn’t come together for Dinner in the Vineyard this year, we decided to host a fundraiser online. Despite the pandemic, many of our programs and plantings are moving forward with great success.

This year, we got past the rose chafers, started a community composting program, planted a garden to grow winter squash for the WI food pantry, and introduced sheep into the vineyard and orchards to add fertility and maintain weeds. We also planted over 200 trees, shrubs and vines with our 2020 interns, Alex and Izzy, as well as hosted our first annual Island Garden Tour!

Below you will find some of our continuing and upcoming projects that you can adopt — fully or in part. Gathering Ground was founded with the generosity of a few people with a vision, and our programs will continue because of the generosity of friends and supporters like you!

If you have questions, do not hesitate to email our executive director, Alessandra.

Plant for the Future

Become a supporting member of Gathering Ground with a monthly gift!

MATCHING DONOR ALERT! An anonymous donor has pledged to match the yearly gifts of every new supporting member that signs up before the end of the year! That means every dollar you pledge will be doubled!

  • Give at the roots level – $12 per month
    • Roots draw up the nutrients that plants need to grow.
  • Give at the trunk level – $30 per month
    • Trunks serve as a strong structure for trees so that they are able to reach for the sunlight.
  • Give at the branch level – $50 per month
    • Branches carry water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves and fruit.
  • Give at the canopy level – $100 per month
    • The canopy creates habitat for birds, insects as well as shade for animals and people. The canopy captures sunlight and that energy is carried back down through every level of a tree.

Become a supporting member today and double your impact!

Adopt an Intern

GOAL: $2,500

  • $100 covers one week of the internship stipend for one intern
  • $300 covers half of the internship stipend for one intern
  • $600 covers the full internship stipend for one intern
  • $1,000 covers the full internship stipend for one intern as well as provides access to housing

Help us provide our summer interns with an excellent learning experience! Learn more.

Adopt A Forest Path

Between the Island School and Gathering Ground, students are working to create a path that will connect the two sites and provide space for forest education.

GOAL: $2,500

  • $25 can provide mulch for 25 feet of path
  • $50 can provide mulch for 50 feet of path
  • $100 can provide 10 feet of boardwalk for wetland areas
  • $500 can provide 50 feet of boardwalk for wetland areas

Help us create a forest path. Learn more.

Adopt an Orchard

GOAL: $2,500

  • $12 protects two trees from those pesty deer!
  • $35 plants two fruit trees
  • $300 plants a grove of fruit or nut trees
  • $2,500 plants and protects our entire new 2021 orchard plants

Learn more about planting for the future with us!

Want to get involved?