What is Lasagna Gardening? [demo]

JOIN THE ART AND NATURE CENTER AND GATHERING GROUND Thursday, June 29 10 AM at Gathering Ground on Airport Rd FOR A PRESENTATION ON LASAGNA GARDENING Join Russell Rolffs for a demonstration on lasagna gardening. Learn how to prepare a new patch of land for next year's garden by layering different types of everyday (and … Continue reading What is Lasagna Gardening? [demo]

What is Sustainability?

There are¬†a lot of buzz words in agriculture today. GMO, non-GMO, organic? Natural? Sustainability? All of these words are worth learning more about. Today, let's spend some time with¬†sustainability. It is a key word in our mission statement, after all: "Gathering Ground educates youth and adults in sustainable agriculture and promotes economic development through agriculture, … Continue reading What is Sustainability?

A Model for Community Compost in Milwaukee

In the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, schools and community members are coming together to cut waste and start composting. Compost, nature's black gold, the stuff that makes plants in your garden grow strong and healthy, is nothing to turn your nose up at. If done correctly, compost has no smell. Unlike rotting trash, composting … Continue reading A Model for Community Compost in Milwaukee