Community Compost

Beginning in July, our community compost program will be up and running. Our goal is to recycle the kitchen and yard waste from Island households and businesses, up to the holding capacity of our structure, diverting the waste from being dumped and carted off-island. All while producing black soil to enrich our gardens and orchards.

Looking to Grow: RuralYear

In the next 3-5 years, we aspire to expand our current summer internship program into RuralYear, a 9-month program on the Island that educates young adults in sustainable agriculture through classroom education and apprenticeships at Gathering Ground as well as local farms and farm-to-table kitchens. We imagine opportunities for participants to acquire hands-on experience in … Continue reading Looking to Grow: RuralYear

Why are we planting chestnuts?

Chestnuts are called the Bread Tree as the nuts are similar to grain nutritionally. They can be eaten fresh or milled into a flour. Chestnuts were once a staple throughout much of the eastern United states, both for humans and wildlife, and today, they are a staple in parts of Europe and Asia. Chestnut trees can … Continue reading Why are we planting chestnuts?

Gathering Ground looking at solutions to destructive beetles

This article first appeared in the Washington Island Observer. By Sheridan Ash, Gathering Ground intern. 2019 marks the second year that Gathering Ground is tending the vineyard on the Island. Because the organization’s mission is to educate youth and adults in sustainable agriculture and to strengthen the health of the environment and community, Gathering Ground … Continue reading Gathering Ground looking at solutions to destructive beetles

Planning Ahead for the Rose Chafer

First published in the Observer By Russell Rolffs, Gathering Ground executive director Recently I saw a sign at the entrance of a garden that read: “If nothing is eating your plants, your garden is not part of the ecosystem.” The message to gardeners, I think, is to be proud when your plants are preyed upon … Continue reading Planning Ahead for the Rose Chafer

Meet our Intern Lucy!

  I’m Lucille Theodora Little, sophomore UW-Milwaukee student in Environmental Science and Geography. I am an avid fan of nature, data science, and cheese. There are many things I’m looking to learn in the future--language, cheesemaking, beekeeping, gardening, programming, painting, mapmaking, biology, ecology, cultural geography, and more. Certainly, this is quite a few things, and … Continue reading Meet our Intern Lucy!

Meet our 2018 Intern Nathan

My name is Nathan and I am one of the Gathering Ground interns staying on Washington Island for six weeks this summer. I am a senior studying biology with a minor in sustainability management and entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I have always loved gardening since I was little and when I heard … Continue reading Meet our 2018 Intern Nathan

Gathering Ground kicks off a new season with Earth Day work parties; farmers markets, potlucks and more coming

This article was originally published in the Washington Island Observer   Gathering Ground, a nonprofit dedicated to the education, celebration and practice of regenerative agriculture, is now in its second year on Washington Island. The season got off to a late start; with the April blizzard, GatheringGround had to postpone the Earth Day pruning and planting party until … Continue reading Gathering Ground kicks off a new season with Earth Day work parties; farmers markets, potlucks and more coming