Raise Beds at the Island School

This spring, Gathering Ground will be working with Jessica Dennis at the Island School to get some early season vegetables sprouting up in the raised beds behind the school. The beds are masterful creations donated by One Small Garden a business operated by Juliann and Ted Gardener. Two of the beds have plastic covers on … Continue reading Raise Beds at the Island School

Vineyard: Update 2019

Our goal is to grow grapes using low environmental impact management. Success with organic management starts with variety selection, and so, in 2019 we began transitioning our vineyard to a new variety of grape by grafting a variety of grapes called Itasca onto our existing vines. Itasca is highly disease resistant and makes Chardonnay quality … Continue reading Vineyard: Update 2019

How about them Apples?

Apples are high on the list for backyard gardeners. Gathering Ground is working to identify delicious apples that grow relatively free of disease here on the Island, to assist home growers and help ensure their success. We are trialing a large variety of heritage apples that are known for being tasty and easier to manage … Continue reading How about them Apples?

Looking to Grow: RuralYear

In the next 3-5 years, we aspire to expand our current summer internship program into RuralYear, a 9-month program on the Island that educates young adults in sustainable agriculture through classroom education and apprenticeships at Gathering Ground as well as local farms and farm-to-table kitchens. We imagine opportunities for participants to acquire hands-on experience in … Continue reading Looking to Grow: RuralYear

Why are we planting chestnuts?

Chestnuts are called the Bread Tree as the nuts are similar to grain nutritionally. They can be eaten fresh or milled into a flour. Chestnuts were once a staple throughout much of the eastern United states, both for humans and wildlife, and today, they are a staple in parts of Europe and Asia. Chestnut trees can … Continue reading Why are we planting chestnuts?

Dinner in the Vineyard; Featured Chef

Matt Poole of Hotel Washington will be preparing the entree this year for Dinner in the Vineyard, Thursday August 29 on Washington Island. “I don’t always get to be there with guests while they are enjoying their meal,” said Poole. “I’m excited to be able to share a meal, especially at Gathering Ground which captures my … Continue reading Dinner in the Vineyard; Featured Chef

Gathering Ground looking at solutions to destructive beetles

This article first appeared in the Washington Island Observer. By Sheridan Ash, Gathering Ground intern. 2019 marks the second year that Gathering Ground is tending the vineyard on the Island. Because the organization’s mission is to educate youth and adults in sustainable agriculture and to strengthen the health of the environment and community, Gathering Ground … Continue reading Gathering Ground looking at solutions to destructive beetles

Door and Kewaunee geology a factor in groundwater contamination

Because the question of wastewater is a timely issue right now on the Island and throughout Door County, Gathering Ground asked its intern Sheridan Ash to attend the talk with Dr. Bouchardt in Egg Harbor earlier last month. “What you put on the land, you will drink,” Microbiologist Dr. Mark Borchardt explained the general rule of thumb … Continue reading Door and Kewaunee geology a factor in groundwater contamination

Island School at Gathering Ground

This article first appeared in the Washington Island Observer By Jessica Dennis On Wednesday, May 29, students in grades 3-12 had the opportunity to give back to our community through a service learning day at Gathering Grounds with Russell and Alessandra Rolffs. Through a race in the vineyard, students picked up pruned pieces of the … Continue reading Island School at Gathering Ground